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The Get Rich Slow Podcast 


Welcome to the Get Rich Slow Podcast! Our goal is to pass on the knowledge

that we and our expert guests wish we knew a decade ago to get the most out of your financial life. We'll provide you with insight into wealth-building activities and practices that can help expand your net worth. Get insight from top professionals who will reveal tips on how to build

wealth, by working smarter - not harder, and help you identify your financial blind spots.


With over 50 years of combined experience in the financial industry, Lance Johnson, Investment Advisor Representative Registered Investment Advisor, Robert Delavan, Licensed Principal

Broker in Oregon, and Adrian Schermer, licensed Senior Mortgage Specialist in Oregon and Washington, will teach you what it means to get rich slowly and grow your Net Worth by being Brilliant at the Basics.


Do you want to be a guest on the show?

Coming Soon! 
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